The following procedures are required to protect the Storage Building from the weather and continue the validity of the warranty.


The Storage Building must be painted with sixty (60) days of installation, with an acrylic-latex paint. To prepare for painting you should first prime all raw exterior wood pieces such as those on the door, overhangs and corners with primer. When priming and painting it is important to make certain that you apply paint to all exterior surfaces including the bottom edge of the siding all around the building and all edges around the doors. For all sidings, which are not pre primed, you should refer to specific manufacturer’s instructions to insure validity of warranty expressly represented by each manufacturer. Specific paint or stain instructions may also be obtained for those siding options as well. This Warranty will not cover any defect in Storage Buildings that arise from your failure to prime and paint the Storage Building in the manner described above.


The Storage Building is constructed on pressure treated runners, which resist damage from ground moisture and insects. This allows air to circulate under the Storage Building and further protects your floor system. You are required to keep the vegetation trimmed around entire perimeter of the Storage Building, and have minimum of (6) vents in any material you may use to skirt the under side of the Storage Building. This warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that may arise from your failure to trim perimeter of the Storage Building and maintain proper ventilation in and around the Storage Building, as described above.


If insulating your Storage Building, insulation should not be placed against the roof deck. Doing so restricts airflow, which can create moisture buildup and damage the roof. While batt-type insulation may be used in walls, and insulation board must be nailed to the roof rafters so that it will not come in contact with the roof deck. This will allow air to circulate between insulation and the roof deck. In addition, Ridge vents must be installed along the roof exterior to permit airflow. This Warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that arises from a failure to follow the insulation procedures described above.


The Storage Building, as constructed, is not designed to be heated. In the event you wish to heat the Storage Building, you must (1) insulate the Storage Building and install roof vents as described above. Purchase roof felt from American Backyard Builders as shown on the invoice for the Storage Building and coordinate the proper installation of the roof felt with American Backyard Builders. This warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that arises from heating the storage Building unless followed the procedures for heating the Storage Building described above.