Frequently Asked Questions

Where is American Backyard Builders located?


American Backyard Builders has multiple locations in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Please see our locations page to find one near you!

Do your sheds use pressure treated lumber?


YES! All of our buildings use pressure treated lumber. For a list of standard features, check out the features page.te th

Note that our Value Line sheds use pressure treated lumber in the runners only.


Will you design a shed for me?


YES! American Backyard Builders does custom design and we’d love to create a custom shed for you! Contact us to discuss options.

What's the warranty on your sheds?

American Backyard Builders offers a 5 year warranty on all of our sheds – the best warranty in the business! Read the details here.

How do I care for my shed?

The following procedures are required to protect the Storage Building from the weather and continue the validity of the warranty.


The Storage Building must be painted with sixty (60) days of installation, with an acrylic-latex paint. To prepare for painting you should first prime all raw exterior wood pieces such as those on the door, overhangs and corners with primer. When priming and painting it is important to make certain that you apply paint to all exterior surfaces including the bottom edge of the siding all around the building and all edges around the doors. For all sidings, which are not pre primed, you should refer to specific manufacturer’s instructions to insure validity of warranty expressly represented by each manufacturer. Specific paint or stain instructions may also be obtained for those siding options as well. This Warranty will not cover any defect in Storage Buildings that arise from your failure to prime and paint the Storage Building in the manner described above.


The Storage Building is constructed on pressure treated runners, which resist damage from ground moisture and insects. This allows air to circulate under the Storage Building and further protects your floor system. You are required to keep the vegetation trimmed around entire perimeter of the Storage Building, and have minimum of (6) vents in any material you may use to skirt the under side of the Storage Building. This warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that may arise from your failure to trim perimeter of the Storage Building and maintain proper ventilation in and around the Storage Building, as described above.


If insulating your Storage Building, insulation should not be placed against the roof deck. Doing so restricts airflow, which can create moisture buildup and damage the roof. While batt-type insulation may be used in walls, and insulation board must be nailed to the roof rafters so that it will not come in contact with the roof deck. This will allow air to circulate between insulation and the roof deck. In addition, Ridge vents must be installed along the roof exterior to permit airflow. This Warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that arises from a failure to follow the insulation procedures described above.


The Storage Building, as constructed, is not designed to be heated. In the event you wish to heat the Storage Building, you must (1) insulate the Storage Building and install roof vents as described above. Purchase roof felt from American Backyard Builders as shown on the invoice for the Storage Building and coordinate the proper installation of the roof felt with American Backyard Builders. This warranty will not cover any defect in the Storage Building that arises from heating the storage Building unless followed the procedures for heating the Storage Building described above.

What should I expect when I place an order?


You will be notified by our factory to confirm a scheduled installation date of your building. All installations dates are considered tentative dates due to the possibility of situations such as, inclement weather, family emergencies, etc. on either our side or yours. If any situation should arise to change your installation date, we will call you on or before that date to reschedule. We will gladly reschedule your install as quickly as our schedule allows. We strive to make your purchase a hassle-free purchase. Your satisfaction our goal.

It is the customers responsibility to obtain any building permits that may be required in your area as well as checking on any deed restrictions or HOA restrictions to the property.

Site preparation is the customers responsibility. We do not do any excavating. digging or removal of trees or bushes. We must also have 2′ of clearance all the way around your building site. We will need as much as 4′ on 12′ wide and larger buildings. Do not forget the overhead clearance as well. You will want to know that there are no tree branches or overhead wires that may be in the way and delay the installation.

It is not necessary for someone to be home on your install date, however it is to your advantage to have someone available to answer any additional questions that may come up. Referring to paragraph 1, if you were to take a vacation day and we have to reschedule for any reason, we would not be responsible for that lost work day. If no one can be there, it will be necessary to place 5 stakes in the yard where you want the building placed. One stake for each corner and a fifth stake to mark the door placement.

We will need access to electricity within 150′ of the build site. Our installer will provide the extension cords needed. The outlet needs to be a standard 110V outlet with a preferred 20mp breaker. If no electricity is available within 150′, there will be a generator fee needed if we provide one. We will need to know well in advance to make arrangements for a generator.

Our installer will call you the morning of delivery to confirm the order. We do need to talk to someone that morning to deliver your building. If no one will be there or available by phone, we will need to reschedule. It would be helpful in this instance to have a work number and ext. or a cell number.

Thank you for your help in the matters mentioned above. The goal is to have everyone prepared for the installation as well as letting you know what to expect. Thank you for your business!


What are the site requirements for my new shed?

American Backyard Builders LLC associate will do everything possible to ensure a hassle-free installation of your storage building. Once you order has been placed and your deposit received, we will schedule an available installation date to meet your needs. Please be aware that all installation dates are tentative due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, and if we cannot meet our original schedule date we promise to work with you and reschedule for your most convenient date. You can expect a call from your installer on the morning of the installation. At this time the installer will review your order for accuracy and get directions to the installation site. It is not necessary to take off work the day of your installation, however if no one will be home you will need to mark with four stakes where you would like your building located. Using a fifth stake mark where you would like the center of your door opening. Please understand the installer will not move your building once it is installed.

Site Requirements

  • A minimum of 3 feet of unobstructed clearance around and above your building site is necessary for proper construction.
  • It is the Homeowners responsibility to check with the local Building Authority and Homeowners association for any setbacks, size restrictions or foundation requirements.
  • Any Building Permits required are the Homeowner’s responsibility and expense.
  • Provide access to electricity within 150 feet of the installation site.
  • Ground grade must be less that 6″ slope from the highest to lowest point, with no protruding rocks or stumps in the site. The installer will level your building up to 6″ free of charge. There will be an additional charge if leveling beyond 6″ is required, the installer will inform you of the additional charge payable directly to him/her. Re-leveling Due to the weight of your building, natural settling may occur over a period of time and it may become necessary to re-level the building. This warranty does not include re-leveling. American Backyard Builders will provide this service for a reasonable fee.
  • Building site must be 50′ or less from where the installer can safely park his vehicle and unload the building. An additional carrying charge will apply for sites beyond 100′.
  • You must caulk all wood joints and paint your building with in 60 days of installation to maintain its warranty.

Terms & Conditions

  • Installation delays after the scheduled arrival of the installer, due to any of the site requirements not being met, will be subject to a $100 trip charge.
  • All deposits are nonrefundable if the order is canceled the deposit is forfeited for restocking fees and returning of material
  • Additional charges will apply if building modifications are necessary to meet the requirements of your local Building Authority or Homeowners Association.
  • Prices are subject to change if building is not installed within 30 days of order date.
Additional questions? Please contact us.